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Here at NewAge, we owe all of our success to our amazing team, our business wouldn’t be where it is today without our committed and determined staff who live and breathe our family business ethics. Our staff enthuse their love for renewables and their role. This transcribes into first class customer service with our forever growing happy customer base we commit to our service and reliability.

Our Core Values

Nationwide Installs Complete

This map shows all installations and all technologies including solar, storage, and upgrades since we formed in 2017.

Headquartered in London, we have national installation teams and energy advisers covering both England.

In a short space of time, we have travelled around the country to help customers fix or upgrade their systems, with many more to come.

We service throughout the UK, our dedicated team can reach almost anywhere our solar duties are needed. get in touch to see if we can help!

Charities We Support:

 There are some fantastic charities right in our neighbourhood whose work we deeply admire and continue to support.

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When choosing solar, it is important that your system offers advanced features and functionality in addition to being affordable. A solar system can give you complete control over your daily energy intake, with new products and solutions constantly being added to our roster, we can help you to keep your system healthy, up to date and optimised as technology evolves. Contact us today or call us at 0203 936 3785 so we can schedule a complimentary health check as well as a quote for any system repairs or upgrades.

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