SolarEdge HD-Wave Inverter Technology

The SolarEdge single phase inverter with HD-Wave technology breaks the mould of traditional solar inverters. Winner of the prestigious 2016 Intersolar Award and the renowned 2018 Edison Award, the single phase inverter is specifically designed to work with SolarEdge power optimizers and features a standard 12-year warranty extendable to 20 or 25 years.

Why Should I Upgrade to SolarEdge?

Older string inverter systems lower the output of all panels to the lowest performing panel. Shading, soiling or damage to a single panel can affect the whole system, putting a strain on your panels and lowering your overall energy intake. With Solaredge, Power Optimisers are added to each panel which work to extract the maximum amount of energy from every panel, regardless of any others connected. Solaredge Inverters Have:

  • Been specifically designed to work with power optimizers Record-breaking efficiency
    Extremely small, lightweight and easy to install
  • High reliability
  • Built-in module-level monitoring
  • Outdoor and indoor installation
  • A fixed voltage inverter for longer strings
  • Smart Energy Management control
  • Compatibility with the StorEdge Interface for StorEdgeTM applications

Benefits of Upgrading

Traditional VS SolarEdge

High Visibility on System Performance

The SolarEdge cloud-based monitoring platform allows you to always be in control of your system performance. It provides high resolution insight into PV production and household electricity consumption, displaying the power flow between the PV array, storage (hot water or battery), grid and house loads as well as tracking real-time system data.

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