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Battery Storage Explained

February 4, 2020
Battery Storage Explained

The key to making renewable energy more efficient in your home

The use of solar panels is increasingly becoming a staple in UK homes. Not only do they allow for cheaper energy bills, but they also contribute to a cleaner, more sustainable environment, a current priority for the British government. These two factors, in combination with government incentives, such as the previous decade’s FIT scheme has resulted in the growing trend of solar panel installations across the country. As homeowners and businesses in the UK scramble to acquire the most efficient solar system in a bid to cut their energy costs, a more modern solar component has also grown in popularity; the solar battery.

How does solar battery storage work?

A solar battery storage system helps you to make full use of your solar system. You can harness and store the energy generated from your panels and use that electricity to rid yourselves of peak-usage charges. The majority of traditional residential solar systems are connected to the national grid, meaning that during the periods of the day when they are not exposed to sunlight and not producing energy, their homes can still source energy, making them grid-reliant. When these panels produce excess energy, the remaining energy that is not used is usually fed back to the grid. However, for solar systems that include a solar battery, the excess energy that is produced is stored in the battery to be used when required, making the system non grid-reliant. Solar battery storage puts the user in control of their energy consumption, giving homeowners the ability to use the energy they produce 24/7, bypassing the need to pay electricity companies.

The benefits

Reduced carbon footprint

The installation of solar batteries is widely encouraged as it contributes to a reduction of carbon footprint. Previously, removing your home from the national-grid and going completely green was not considered as a viable option. Renewable energy sources were not yet advanced to a level where homeowners could confidently rely on their solar panels to produce energy for their home throughout the day and night. As solar panels need exposure to natural sunlight to produce energy, homes were reliant on an alternative energy source to during the evening and the early hours of the morning. However, the development of solar batteries has changed this, meaning homes can disconnect from the grid an in-turn contribute to lower carbon emission levels.

No noise pollution

Conversely to generators, residential solar batteries produce little noise disturbance when providing energy for your home. Those who are in possession of a generator understand the noise levels produced when it is in use. This can cause a disturbance to not just the residents, but the neighbours too, meaning this particular source is not a viable option for many. This is not a cause for concern for solar battery owners.

Save on bills

As previously mentioned, the installation of a solar battery helps homeowners to dramatically reduce their energy bills. The storage system gives homeowners the choice to bypass electricity companies completely, or reduce their reliance on this source of energy, controlling when they utilise energy produced by the national grid.

See how much you can save

If you’re considering upgrading your solar system to ensure you get the maximum efficiency, get in touch with New Age Innovation for a free cost benefit analysis. Whether it’s the installation of a solar battery or an upgrade to a SolarEdge Inverter, we have the solution for you. Call our friendly team on 020 3936 3785 or fill in your details here to get your cost benefit analysis today.   

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