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Guide to Solar

January 27, 2020
Guide to Solar

The process of converting your home into to a hub of sustainability through solar panels is often exhausting and somewhat confusing. Information comes in different forms and often, ten different sources will give ten different answers. Homeowners find themselves baffled at what seems like simple enquiries, often leading to frustration, with these customers wanting to cut through the noise and ultimately decide whether solar panels are right for their home. This is where New Age Innovation comes in.

There are various aspects to be considered when making your solar purchase; do you need a south-facing roof to generate energy from your property? How much do solar panels cost? How does solar PV work? These questions are all considered in New Age Innovation’s Guide to Solar, which you can download for free.


New Age Innovation has a passion for renewable energy and our expert team is here to advise you! Our Guide to Solar offers all the facts on solar energy, from how Solar PV works, to a breakdown of how switching to solar can help save the environment, contributing to an emission free world. This guide also demonstrates how you can achieve the maximum output from your solar system, providing an outline of how SolarEdge’s groundbreaking technology is being used to improve the efficiency of solar system’s nationwide.

To download our free Guide to Solar, follow the link and fill in your details, then simply hit download!

To find out more about installing solar panels or getting the most out of your system, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the New Age Innovation team on 0203 936 2785.

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