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Pigeon proofing and protecting your solar investment

January 13, 2020
Pigeon proofing and protecting your solar investment

Across the country, homeowners and businesses are increasingly investing in solar panels in the hope of reaping the long-term benefits; cheaper energy costs and a more sustainable environment. Although solar systems have seen vast technological advancement over recent years, owners are still seeing their systems succumb to damage from a variety of sources, reducing their efficiency and in-turn, defeating the purpose of their investment. In this article, New Age Innovation examines the different ways solar panel owners can protect their investment.

Pigeon proofing

One of the most common issues solar panel owners are faced with is damage from pigeons and other vermin according to a recent study from Which. 25% of solar panel owners who reported issues with their system, stated that these issues were caused by birds nesting or fouling. Pigeons often find home on solar panels, perching and nesting, causing mischief to the system. Solar panel pigeon proofing deters animals from settling on the solar panel rooftop, lengthening its life span whilst maintaining its initial power output.

New Age Innovation provides leading pigeon proofing installations and services through its team of qualified professionals and substantial experience. You can find out more about New Age Innovation’s pigeon proofing service here.

Solar PV monitoring

For your solar system to function to its maximum capacity, each component must be in sync, including the wiring to the inverters and the panels themselves. A malfunction in any part of the PV system will result in reduced energy output or will cause the system to shutdown completely. Solar monitoring allows owners to detect these issues as soon as they arise, as opposed to when the owner receives an increased energy bill.

Making use of a micro-inverter or optimiser will allow the real time monitoring to happen at individual panel level, meaning owners can pinpoint the exact issue immediately and keep energy savings on track. New Age Innovation provides upgrades to the market leading SolarEdge inverter, complete with a number of benefits including increased FIT revenue and enhanced safety, as well as automatic monitoring. Find out more about upgrading your system here.

Falling debris

Falling debris, including twigs, leaves and dirt can sometimes cause mirco-scratches on your solar panels. This is consequential to performance, decreasing the energy each panel can absorb. Heavier debris such as branches can break panels completely. Solar panel owners should try to avoid having trees directly overlooking panels or in close proximity. Where this isn’t possible, the trees should be regularly trimmed. Allowing the debris to build up will significantly decrease the efficiency of your solar panels and lower its output. This can easily be prevented by cleaning the panels regularly using a microfiber cloth and water. Once every few months or once a season should suffice but it is important to use your judgement.

Water damage

Water damage from deteriorated or old seals is a common issue for solar panel owners. As the sealant ages, greater amounts of water can slip through. To avoid this, be sure to reseal each panel or have a licensed solar panel contractor do this. You should also ask your solar power provider if your warranty covers such issues and consider purchasing an extended warranty if necessary, to protect your investment.

New Age Innovation supplies our customers with premium quality products so that they receive the best value and best return for their money. Find out more about our services here or get in contact by telephone on 0203 936 3785 to find out more about how we can help reduce your energy costs.

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