The Benefits of Solar Panel Pigeon Proofing


Prevents damage to the solar panel

Pigeons are attracted to the residual heat and shelter solar panels offer. To avoid this having a negative effect on your solar panel investment, invest in solar panel pigeon proofing.


Solar panel power output is diminished by pigeons

The dirt and the excrement left by pigeons will covers the surface of the panels and affect performance. It is therefore vital that pigeons are kept away from solar panels and bird proofing them is the best way to ensure maximum output of each panel.


Health issues

Pigeon droppings and the dirt that comes with these vermin are known to have bacteria that cause disease. is, therefore, of utmost importance to get rid of such vermin the first instance they are spotted by calling New Age Innovation for permanent pigeon proofing solutions.

In a nutshell pigeon proofing works like this:
Solar Type Image

Pigeon Love Solar. They are attracted to the shelter and residual heat.

Solar Type Image

The longer the pigeons and other vermin nests on the rooftop, the more damage they will do and the more it will affect the performance of the solar panels.

Solar Type Image

Our solar panel pigeon proofing will prevent pigeons from nesting under you solar panels and leave your panels in immaculate condition and your system performing to maximum efficiency.

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Pigeons will nest elsewhere.

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