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Storm Dennis and Solar Panels

February 24, 2020
Storm Dennis and Solar Panels

The UK has long had a reputation for adverse weather conditions but the recent storms; Ciara and Dennis has seen UK residents subject to a torrent of rain and wind in recent weeks. New Age Innovation has received dozens of enquiries solar system owners who have seen their properties endure a downpour of showers, accompanied by record wind speeds, asking what measures they can take to prevent damage to their solar panels.

With wind speeds reaching 70mph, it is unsurprising that solar panel owners are concerned for their solar investment. For the most part, solar panels hold up well in high winds. They are built in a way to withstand significant pressure from windy conditions. This resilience means that in general, solar panels across the country are unlikely to be damaged as a result of storm Dennis.

When solar panels are damaged from high levels of wind, it is rarely sustained from the panels themselves. In most cases, the damage to the solar array is a result of weaknesses in the racking system, or in the roof that your panels are mounted to. The wind passes through the small spaces that typically exist between the panels and the roof, possibly causing the panels to uplift. In extreme cases, this can potentially tear the panels from their mounts.

Flying debris is another potentially damaging element that is a consequence of extreme weather conditions. Solar panels can tolerate small amounts of debris for the most part, however, in high levels of wind, sizes are often varied, and the form of the debris is often unpredictable. It is wise to clean your panels at regular intervals, particularly after storms to  encourage optimum performance.

If you believe that your solar panels have been damaged by recent weather conditions as a result of Storm Dennis or Ciara, don’t hesitate to get in touch with New Age Innovation on 0203 936 3785 and we would be happy to advise on any repairs or upgrades to help prevent future damage. If your array is complete with Solar Edge’s ground-breaking inverter technology, we may be able to resolve any issues without visiting your property.

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